“A powerful blend of agility, purpose and effectiveness…”


Tesfaye Hailu

In my experience, Triple Line is strongly focused on doing work that matters - and doing it really well.

For the past year I have been Country Head for Triple line Consulting Ethiopia, but I first came across the organisation when I was Ethiopia Country Programme Manager for the DFID-funded Climate and Development Knowledge Network. I had the chance to engage closely with Triple Line on a specific project that was complex and had a tight delivery deadline. The Triple Line team executed the project with remarkable agility - and their performance was my primary motivation for joining Triple Line in 2019.

Since then, we’ve delivered a wide array of projects within the Renewable Energy and Urban Development space. I realised from day one that Triple Line’s fluid team arrangement gives it the dexterity to implement projects quickly and effortlessly. We work as one across the board from Africa to Europe to Asia, bringing our partners on board to achieve results. As you might expect, the learning curve is acute, but we are genuinely passionate about our work and driven by a determination to bring about transformative change. That makes this a particularly exciting and rewarding place to be.