“A welcoming, supportive and culturally diverse environment…”


Mona Iddrisu

I have worked as a senior monitoring, evaluation and learning consultant at Triple Line for the last two years. It’s been an amazing journey. I have already had the opportunity to contribute to projects everywhere from Sierra Leone to Belize and across multiple sectors including Education, Forest Governance and Marine Pollution. In that process, I’ve provided rigorous qualitative and quantitative evaluation support to projects, and engaged in capacity building and organisational support to clients.

Why Triple Line? Well, I had just completed by MPhil at Oxford having moved from Ghana and was keen to find an employer that would give me the space to grow and contribute my skills. As importantly, was looking for a welcoming environment that values diversity (and wouldn’t mind if my tenuous grasp of English humour resulted in me laughing 30 seconds after everyone else had already got the joke!) Triple Line ticked all these boxes - and more.

Being a consultant can be challenging, but it feels like family here. We all love the work we do and we feed off each other’s passion. I’m also a young mom, so being part of a team that allows me to balance work and life - especially in these uncertain times - has been the icing on the cake.