“Doing interesting and important work in some amazing parts of the world…”


Martyn Clark

I work with Triple Line’s Inclusive Growth and Resilience team as a Principal Consultant, where my focus is on urban development. Since joining five years ago, I’ve worked in around ten countries in East and West Africa, and in 2019 I was seconded to our newly established office in Yangon, Myanmar.

I have increasingly come to value being part of such a challenging and supportive team. They are fun to work with and have been instrumental in helping me broaden my knowledge and experience. In fact, the best thing about working for Triple Line is being given a lot of latitude to pursue opportunities that align with your professional interests in some amazing parts of the world.

My current role in Yangon is a great example. I am leading the urban planning technical role on FCDO’s flagship urban economic development programme, Cities and Infrastructure for Growth. This has been a fantastic experience, allowing me to really dedicate my time and effort to contributing to the economic development of Myanmar, a place that is fast integrating with the rest of the world. I’ll be forever grateful for this opportunity. It really epitomises what Triple Line is all about - doing interesting and important work in interesting places.