“The challenge is thinking things through at a local, national and global level…”


Shoa Asfaha

I joined IPE Triple Line in January 2010 as Senior Consultant and have acted as Head of Forest Governance and Climate Change (FCGG) since 2015.

My time at IPE Triple Line has expanded my personal and professional horizons in remarkable ways. I’ve worked on projects relating to EU Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade as well as UN-REDD, for instance. This has brought me into contact with clients including national governments, multilateral agencies and NGOs. In my current role, I now develop the portfolio in our sector and carry out evaluations, reviews and policy studies that include helping to mainstream gender and social inclusion.

But it’s not just the intellectual challenges I enjoy. My work has allowed me to travel extensively - for example, talking with indigenous forest communities in Congo Basic countries, Thailand and Cambodia, as well as government stakeholders on the ground. I have come to learn at first hand the importance of good forest management and the need to connect the local, the national and the global in order to contribute to transformative change at the level of people and climate. My journey has been more interesting and rewarding than I could ever have imagined when I completed my doctoral dissertation on economic geography all those years ago.