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Tourism, Heritage and Conservation

Tourism, Heritage and Conservation is emerging as a major pillar of economic development and employment generation. Promotion of sustainable tourism entails creating an opportunity to portray the past in the present through effective conservation and protection of religious and historic places, preservation of natural habitat, and development of strategic tourism infrastructure. Heritage management planning to achieve a balance between the tourist usage and preservation has become a prior requirement in tourism development as people are seeking to learn and communicate with their roots and their past. In short, to develop and manage tourism, a multi-dimensional approach is needed to strengthen the institutional capacity, engage with multiple stakeholders and establish appropriate protocols and systems.

Our approach to Tourism, Heritage and Conservation is based on understanding the constraints of the institutional environment and building on this to provide institutional and capacity support to ensure long-term sustainability. Linking tourism with economic growth and employment, we work with governments to boost value-added tourism, while maintaining the heritage value and natural environment. We have been involved in project management, design and supervision activities supporting governments in sustainable, integrated and inclusive tourism development, capacity building, tourism strategy development, management of key natural and cultural heritage destinations, improved market connectivity, environmental planning of tourist places, development of tourism infrastructure, and institutional strengthening of nodal government departments.

Barbara Schott

Rachna Chopra


  • ADB: Project Management, Design and Supervision Consultancy (PMDSC) Services for South Asia Tourism Infrastructure Development Project (SATIDP), Bangladesh (2012-2016)

    Asian Development Bank (ADB) funded SATIDP focuses on development of cultural tourism and site restoration at 4 different archaeological sites (Bagerhat, Kantajee, Mahasthangarh, Paharpur) located along a heritage-rich geographic corridor extending from north to south in the western regions of Bangladesh. The project emphasises on heritage conservation, civil works and infrastructure development, financial management, tourism promotion and capacity building of the relevant stakeholders in order to ensure the sustainability of the tourism potential within these 4 sites.

    As a PMDS Consultant, we are is assisting the Project Management and Implementation Unit (PMIU), based within the Department of Archaeology, Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Government of Bangladesh in managing detailed design, procurement, financial management, supervision and monitoring of the project including strengthening linkages between tourism and local population and building capacity of communities to enable them to obtain greater benefits from tourism activities at 4 heritage sites.

  • The World Bank/Chilika Development Authority: Preparation of Tourism Master Plan for the Chilika Lake & its Catchment in Odisha under ICZMP-Odisha, India (2014-2016)

    Aimed to promote responsible tourism including eco-tourism and community-based tourism in and around Chilika Lake, the second largest brackish water lagoon in the world and the largest in Asia (spanning over 1100 sq. kms.), the project focuses equally on conservation and wise use of natural resources, in compliance with environmental/ ecological laws and regulations. We are preparing tourism master plan for promoting overall tourism in and around Chilika Lake and its catchment area. The Master Plan aims at enhancing the visitor experience, improve growth based sustainable market position, maintaining ecological balance and developing competitive tourism products which will provide optimum level of visitor satisfaction. In addition, the scope also includes preparation of project profiles for tourism investment opportunities for a maximum of 10 selected priority sites (derived from the proposed tourism zones) which will be promoted by the Government of Odisha as PPP projects.

  • Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD), Government of India: Selection of Agencies as HRIDAY City Anchors for Amritsar and Puri under Scheme "HRIDAY" of Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India, India (2015 – 2017)

    National Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana (HRIDAY) scheme is an ambitious project of Government of India aimed at holistic development of heritage cities in the country. The HRIDAY Scheme focuses on development of civic infrastructure development projects around heritage sites leading to revitalisation of the cities as heritage and cultural destinations. As HRIDAY City Anchor, we are supporting City Mission Directorate in heritage related guidance, in addition to preparation of the City HRIDAY Plan and evaluation of projects executed under the HRIDAY scheme in Amritsar (Punjab) and Puri (Odisha). The work includes situation assessment & infrastructure gap assessment, identification and finalisation of 5 priority heritage areas for preparation of Infrastructure Development Plan (Phase 1), preparation of city specific toolkits along with evaluation checklists, preparation of Concept Plan for development/ renovation of the city museum/ cultural park, and review & evaluation of DPRs.

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