Our multi-disciplinary teams across Africa and Asia provide strategic technical capability in the areas of urban resilience, climate change, smart/green cities and low-carbon development.

Cities are hubs of diversified economic activity and productivity. Agglomeration and spatial clustering facilitate the exchange of knowledge, accessible consumer markets and larger pools of skilled labour that contribute to improved productivity and innovation. The result is more investment and job creation.

But across Africa and Asia, the fastest urbanising regions in the world, cities are not delivering infrastructure, services and jobs fast enough to keep pace with urban growth, leading to widening inequalities that compromise the quality of economic growth and increase vulnerability to climate, environment and natural resources risks.

Triple Line brings strategic technical capability to address these challenges. We provide:

  • Urban diagnostics and evidence-based policy and political economy analysis
  • Detailed project and programme identification and design
  • Urban, regional and local economic development planning, with a strong focus on inclusive growth and job creation
  • Urban infrastructure services and investments, including identification, pre-feasibility/feasibility studies, screening and prioritisation - linked to funding/financing strategies that best fit local capacities and opportunities for private sector participation
  • Affordable housing policy formulation, financial modelling, institutional design and market-based delivery models
  • Capacity building and institutional strengthening for local/municipal governments and agencies
  • Programme management of large-scale urban development programmes
  • Monitoring, evaluation and learning for urban projects and programmes

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