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Economic and Public Financial Management

A robust public financial management system is a cornerstone for any government and more so in developing countries. Transparent and equitable public finances provide a platform for governments to deliver a strong enabling environment for business and effective public services. Our specialised team of professionals work in all aspects of the EPFM cycle to enhance public financial management efficiency right from planning to resource allocation and spending. We ensure adequacy, appropriateness, economy, efficiency, effectiveness and equity in our progress.

We work with governments (national, provincial and counties), bilateral, multilateral and international non-governmental organisations (INGOs) for developing efficient systems and ensuring accountability in management of this limited public resource. We provide technical assistance on medium term expenditure reviews, budgeting, financial monitoring, feasibility studies and maintenance of financial records, thus work to strengthen public finances.  


Dr. Soumen Bagchi

Shantanu Das

Promila Bishnoi


  • The World Bank: Provision of Regional Technical Advisory Services on Local Level Public Financial Management (PFM), Ghana (2013-2016)

    The project aimed to strengthen the inter-governmental fiscal framework, and local public financial management & accountability for improved infrastructure and services in urban assemblies in Ghana. IPE Global supported 10 local governments in Ghana in implementing and institutionalising PFM best practices at the local government and municipal level through strategic technical and capacity building support in the five core PFM areas of Budgeting Reforms; Financial Reporting and Auditing; Revenue Enhancement and Management; Asset Management; and Transparency & Accountability. The support was provided through three windows of: (i) Generic Training; (ii) Regional Technical Advisory Teams (RTATs); and (iii) Capacity Support Fund.

  • Mott Macdonald Limited: Monitoring for European Commission Sector Policy Programme Education in India, and related services (SPSP-E), India, (2016-17)

    Purpose was to provide periodic thorough assessments of progress in education sector, public financial management and macro-economic stability, in support of the tranche releases to the Government of India. As a part of this, Public Financial Management Annual Monitoring Report for India for FY 2015-16 was prepared, which strictly followed the template of EU Budget Support Guidelines of 2012. The report for FY 2015-16 was also used for one tranche release under the State Partnership Programme with Rajasthan. Besides, it entailed preparation of annual report on the ‘Development of the Macro-economic Policy in India.’ 

  • The World Bank: Lesotho Public Expenditure Tracking Survey (PETS) and Quantitative Service Delivery Survey (QSDS) in the Health Sector, Lesotho (2015-16)

    This PETS-QSDS study covered entire country (all 10 districts) and five year period from FY 2011-12 to 2015-16. The study entailed analysis of budget allocation, level of spending and identification of inefficiencies/bottlenecks at various level of health facilities; assessment of service delivery in selected health facilities, identification of challenges & inefficiencies, level of beneficiary satisfaction and out-of-pocket expenditure. Besides, an assessment of the feasibility of scaling up the Maternal & Newborn Health Performance Based Financing programme within the fiscal framework was also conducted. 

  • UNICEF: Consultancy Services to Support National and County Level Nutrition Resource Allocations, Budget Analysis and Expenditure Tracking, Kenya, (2016-17)

    This project was to support nutrition resource allocations, budget analysis and expenditure tracking at national and county level. The key tasks included documentation of national level financial tracking, analysis and validation of financial resource allocations and expenditure for nutrition from the FY 2002-03 to 2015-16. The county level financial tracking and analysis for nutrition from 2002-03 to 2015-16 was also done along with the documentation of process comparing allocations to the actual expenditure for the same period. The financial tracking tool for nutrition was refined and a user manual was developed for application at the national and county level.

  • UNICEF: Consultancy to Conduct Budget Analysis in Social Sectors in Kenya, Kenya, (2016-17)

    Overall objective of the project was to conduct a budget analysis of the 2013/14, 2014/15, and 2015/16 financial data for the select 11 counties and perform a national level analysis on the identified sectors of health, water, education, child protection, social protection, nutrition and HIV/AIDS. The budget analysis included a study of trends in sector gross allocation over the identified periods, trends in per capita sector allocations, allocation trends against key service indicators like enrolment levels and gross expenditure and budget absorption trends. The assignment included formulation of a budget brief for each county along with a policy brief per sector for the national level analysis.

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