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Grant and Fund Management

Challenge funds, grant funds and managed funds are used by international development partners and agencies to promote poverty reduction and achieve social change by working with civil society organisations and the private sector towards meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We have extensive experience in managing, delivering grant funding and challenge fund schemes through all stages of the funding cycle. From large, complex programmes to smaller, specific projects, we specialise in providing a set of comprehensive services to support successful programme delivery.  These include designing calls for proposals, appraisal of applications, logframe refinement, risk management, financial management, capacity building support to applicants and grant holders, monitoring and evaluation and lesson learning.

Our commitment to the principles of transparency, accountability, local ownership, shared learning and value for money, is embedded in all aspects of our work in grant programme and fund management.  We draw on our team’s expertise across key international development sectors throughout Africa, Asia, the Americas and the Middle East.  Our highly effective and transparent application screening processes enable the identification and selection of the highest quality and most relevant proposals.  We have in place cost-effective and cutting-edge performance and risk management systems to ensure that funded projects remain on track, and to ensure appropriate levels of accountability and financial control. Our performance and risk management systems are designed to ensure that the allocation of fund management resources is proportionate to the appraised level of risk.

Independent surveys of grant holders have demonstrated high levels of satisfaction with our  approach, which is rooted in partnership. We provide one-to-one support to grant holders and national partners to support the successful achievement of their project outcomes as well as a wide range of relevant technical and financial capacity building activities.

Our commitment to continuous evaluation and lesson-learning guarantees a high standard of fund management service delivery and provides valuable opportunities for grant holders and potential applicants to learn from each other.

We have worked on grant funding schemes financed by a range of donor agencies including AGRA, DFID, IFAD, SIDA, DANIDA and DFAT as well as foundations such as MasterCard Foundation.  Our fund management work has covered sectors including governance, empowerment and accountability, jobs and livelihoods, health, private sector development, education, environment, water and sanitation.

Lydia Richardson

Martin Wright

L. M. Singh


  • DFID: Fund Manager - Global Poverty Action Fund (GPAF), Global (2010-2016)

    The Global Poverty Action Fund is a demand-led civil society challenge fund, which aims to bring tangible changes to poor people's lives and addresses off-track Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). It achieves this by supporting civil society initiatives including direct service delivery, supporting empowerment & accountability, addressing conflict, and supporting improvements in security and justice. We worked closely with DFID to manage the evolution of this fund, and over five years, a total of 182 projects were funded with a total value of £141 million. The projects covered a wide range of thematic areas including health, agriculture, education, environment, income generation and water, sanitation and hygiene education.

    We were contracted as Fund Manager for GPAF in December 2010, in joint venture with Crown Agents and during the course of its contract managed and oversaw 13 funding rounds and supported more than 155 UK and overseas-based organisations throughout their project cycle.  As Fund Manager, we screened concept notes and proposals; disbursed grant payments; provided grant management advice and support on financial and technical aspects of project delivery; and managed project risk and performance by providing tailored and proportionate levels of follow-up support to ensure that the projects remained on track for successful delivery. We built the capacity of grant-holders to run effective projects and report their achievements through seminars and webinars, and developed and implemented a fund learning strategy.  Throughout the period of the contract, we delivered high quality, flexible and responsive fund management services to DFID and grant holders and their appreciation is evidenced through written commendations from DFID and the annual grant holder surveys conducted independently by BOND.


  • DFID: Fund Manager - Civil Society Challenge Fund (CSCF), Global (2000-2015)

    The DFID-funded Civil Society Challenge Fund (CSCF) provided 526 grants to UK-based civil society organisations working with partners in developing countries. CSCF was established to improve the capacity of civil society to engage in decision-making at local, national and global levels.

    From 2003, we provided technical assistance in areas such advisory services and monitoring and evaluation. Our role in the management of the fund evolved over time and in April 2010, IPE Triple Line, in a joint venture with Crown Agents, was contracted to be the Fund Manager. By 2013, there were 170 projects with a total value of over £51 million. The projects were implemented by UK-based CSOs, in partnership with approximately 300 formal and informal organisations in Africa, Asia, the Americas and the Middle East.  

    As the Fund Manager, we appraised grant concept notes and proposals, undertook due diligence reviews of potential grant holders, processed grant payments, monitored progress and financial accountability and, where necessary, worked with the grant holders to improve their performance and ensure successful project delivery. We presented portfolio level results and learning to DFID and built the capacity of grant-holders through tailored feedback, learning seminars and one-to-one support.


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