Yvonne Achieng

Managing Consultant

Based in Nairobi

Yvonne is a project management, data analyst and M&E professional with experience in data management, quantitative and qualitative research, and end to end project management.

Yvonne is a private sector development consultant with 10 years of work experience within Sub-Saharan Africa with a multifaceted background in business Advisory, entrepreneurship, and Innovation. She is an applied project management specialist with technical skills ranging from conducting quantitative and qualitative research, developing and facilitating the implementation of Measurement and Results Management (MRM) frameworks, and providing technical assistance. She has a strong working knowledge of systems change thinking, stakeholder mapping, and impact monitoring, and has experience in designing and conducting evaluations, designing pedagogical materials, and facilitating training including learning and reflection sessions that lead to adaptive programming.  

Prior to joining Triple Line Yvonne worked at the BoP Innovation Centre where she was a Project Manager working with SMEs and last-mile distributors in creating commercially and socially viable products and services that include people at the Base of the Pyramid (BoP) as consumers, producers, and entrepreneurs. Prior to that, she worked as a service Delivery Model Specialist at IDH Trade where she supported the business growth of 2 pineapple companies in Guinea through field research and analysis, and business modelling of their respective supply chain structures leading to a solid proof of concept for blended financing.  
Yvonne has a bachelor's degree in business information technology and an MSC in Management Information Systems from the University of Liverpool. 

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