Bushra Chowdhury

Project Coordinator & UK Administrator

Based in London

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As a valuable corporate business service team member, Bushra actively participates in various aspects of the business, from drafting and modifying contracts to managing operational tasks such as recruitment, travel, and coordination efforts across the UK office.

Bushra plays a key role across many aspects of the business, from contracts to recruitment, and supporting travel and office management in the UK office. Furthermore, her involvement in diverse projects, including bid and research analysis, and her experience collaborating with FCDO, UNAIDS, and UNICEF through her work has allowed her to apply her academic knowledge to real-world challenges. Bushra graduated in International Relations from the University of Edinburgh in 2021. Her dissertation examined health provisions, specifically exploring challenges posed by geographical, socio-cultural, and religious barriers in mental health policies for Rohingya refugees and the broader Bangladeshi community. Her dissertation addressed the prevailing discourse on mental health in developing countries, emphasising the issue of stigmatisation, which often results in the neglect of this crucial subject. Bushra's commitment to addressing systemic inequalities in healthcare accessibility, migration, and climate-induced displacement reflects her dedication to understanding and confronting pressing global issues.

Bushra's academic foundation and leadership experiences from past roles align seamlessly with the collaborative and dynamic nature of the entire Triple Line team, making valuable contributions. In her prior role as the project and commercial administrator at Itad, Bushra oversaw the commercial processes of the company's portfolio. She also worked at Bright Network, advising students on navigating career prospects. Through her involvement in marketing and call campaigns, she expanded outreach to a diverse array of students from minority backgrounds, promoting inclusivity across work settings.