“A journey of seven years, full of excitement, challenges and opportunities…”


Peeyush Chaturvedi

Steve Jobs once said that the only way to do great work is to love what you do - and I’m lucky enough to be part of a team that has always made that possible for me.

I joined IPE Global in 2013 as an Assistant Manager and have since gained experience at both the project and corporate level. I’ve had opportunities to develop skills in multiple areas including business development and strategy, project management, and financial and risk management. And my geographical horizons have expanded too, from my first international exposure in the Philippines through to joining the IPE Triple Line team in London as a Senior Business & Project Manager.

In fact, when IPE Global joined hands with Triple Line in 2014, it marked a major - and extremely positive - development for the organisation and my own career. Moving to IPE Triple Line on secondment has been a tremendous learning experience. I have come to understand and adapt to a whole new way of working, and the support of the team here has made my transition from India to the UK into a seamless and happy one. I am fortunate to have the kind of job I always dreamed of having - and I look forward to many more wonderful years to come.