Exploring the role of circular city economies - Part of the CitiesWork Series


Cities are the most significant source of greenhouse gas emissions. With multiple sources of emissions, the response to making more sustainable, inclusive and climate-resilient cities is complex and multifaceted. For this reason, the climate battle "will largely be won or lost" in cities; UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres stresses that cities are, and will be, at the centre of our global fight against climate change.
The COP26 conference has pushed world leaders to mobilise resources to keep warming at 1.5 degrees. Essential to its success is that global efforts are efficiently and effectively allocated to meet the critical timeline. CitiesWork, and Triple line Consulting, are joining the fight by launching a series of short papers intended to highlight pressing cities related issues. We are drawing on our years of experience to contribute to the global knowledge pool and help shape effective interventions to provide innovative solutions to the climate crisis. 
To kickstart the series, Simon Ratcliffe scrutinises the linear processes of production and waste creation in the economy. The paper highlights the advantages of a circular economy; it provides practical entry points for thinking about the implementation of a circular economy and the different spheres of engagement.