“Knowledgeable and passionate about development – and fun to work with… ”


Matthew Crighton

As a small but growing company, Triple Line provides opportunities for career development that you might not find in other companies. I joined in July 2017 as part of the Inclusive Growth and Resilience team in London and have enjoyed tremendous support from the start through training, mentoring and opportunities to progress.

I’m privileged to have lived and worked in two amazing but very different countries so far. I first moved to Nairobi in June 2018 to develop a Regional Infrastructure Plan for the Horn of Africa (IGAD); and in January 2020 I moved to Yangon, where I am currently the Deputy Team Leader for the Cities and Infrastructure for Growth, Myanmar plan. As an economist interested in cities, infrastructure and economic development, these projects have helped to grow my skillset and CV. More importantly, they will have a critical impact on the development of these countries.

I am really fortunate to have great colleagues who are knowledgeable and passionate about development but also fun to work with! We’ve celebrated birthdays, gone on safaris, climbed volcanoes and even lived together, all of which contributes to a strong team ethic across the company and our different country offices. This unity has been the foundation of our recent success, which I am proud to have played a role in, and I hope this is just the beginning of the journey.