Providing diverse monitoring and evaluation services to support development effectiveness at the ADB


Triple Line’s Monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) services include draw-down technical MEL expertise enabling us to respond in a timely and flexible way to a diverse range of evaluation needs from clients. Since 2017, these clients have included the Asian Development Bank, which has commissioned more than 50 evaluations to date, across fields including urban infrastructure, public sector management, energy, transport, education and social development.

At the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the quality and effectiveness of operations is continually informed by a programme of independent and systematic evaluation, managed by its Independent Evaluation Department (IED). The IED evaluates ADB policies, strategies, operations, and special concerns that relate to organisational and operational effectiveness, providing feedback on performance and generating lessons that help to continually improve the development effectiveness of ADB operations.

Since 2017, Triple Line has been a member of the ADB’s independent evaluation roster, with more than 50 evaluations conducted to date. These include Extended Annual Review Reports (XARRs), Project Completion Report Validation Reports (PVRs), Project Performance Evaluation Reports (PPERs) and Country Assistance Program Evaluations (CAPEs) as well as sector-specific evaluations focused on, for instance, climate change and public private partnerships.

Our paper on ADB’s involvement in PPPs in Armenia included a focus on an innovative concession contract for water supply and sewerage in Yerevan

The following examples demonstrate the diversity of evaluation assignments and expertise that we have delivered over the past few years:

  • XARR: Songhua River Basin Water Pollution Control and Management Project Private Sector Facility. This loan project supported the borrower to address severe environmental degradation in the Songhua River Basin through a portfolio of water supply and wastewater treatment projects as well as a sludge treatment project. The XARR evaluated the projects in terms of development impacts and outcomes, ADB’s additionality, ADB’s investment profitability and ADB work quality.
  • CAPE: ADB Support for Public–Private Partnerships, 2009–2019. This evaluation looked at the extent, nature and development results of US$22.1 billion of public-private partnership (PPP) interventions including sovereign loans, non-sovereign operations facilities and technical assistance projects. Triple Line undertook country case assessments for selected Asian countries regarding ADB’s support to (PPPs) in Azerbaijan and the Pacific Islands
  • PPER: Armenia Water Supply and Sanitation Project. Our contribution to this evaluation included the preparation of a background paper on ADB’s involvement in PPPs in the country, including the innovative Veolia concession contract for water supply and sewerage in Yerevan.

PVRs: We have provided quality reviews of almost 50 completed projects including urban infrastructure, public sector management, energy, transport, education and social development throughout Central and West Asia, South Asia, South East Asia and the Pacific’s developing member countries.