Environmental stewardship: Triple Line has been a carbon-neutral organisation since 2021


At Triple Line, we are committed to protecting the natural environment by delivering work focused on improving resilience to climate change, safeguarding natural resources, and conducting our operations to minimise environmental impact.
In response to the reality that — as an international organisation working overseas — we cannot minimise our carbon footprint entirely, Triple Line offsets its carbon footprint each year, and we are proud to have been a carbon-neutral organisation since 2021. 

We work with Climate Impact Partners each year to calculate our carbon footprint, including our well-to-tank emissions, which we offset by purchasing carbon credits. We choose to use these credits on global renewable energy programmes worldwide. 

Partnering for Carbon Neutrality

Climate Impact Partners provides Triple Line access to a comprehensive network of high-quality carbon offsetting projects worldwide, ensuring we can fulfil our work mission and commitment to carbon neutrality.

Carbon offsetting services:

  • Project selection: a curated portfolio of carbon offsetting projects that meet stringent quality standards and adhere to rigorous third-party certifications.
  • Long-term sustainability: carefully evaluated projects ensure emission reductions beyond "business as usual" and foster long-term sustainability.
  • Due diligence: extensive due diligence on each project to guarantee the credibility and effectiveness of the emissions reductions claimed.
  • Customised solutions: Climate Impact Partners works closely with Triple Line to tailor carbon offsetting strategies that align with our company's environmental goals and interests.

Building a low-carbon future

In Triple Line's journey towards carbon neutrality, carbon offsetting is currently the best option, allowing the company to take responsibility for its carbon footprint while contributing to the global transition to a low-carbon future. 

Climate Impact Partners delivers solutions for action on climate. Working with the world’s leading companies and quality project partners, they aim to reduce 1 billion tonnes of CO2 to transform the global economy, improve health and livelihoods and restore a thriving planet. Visit their website to learn more about Climate Impact Partners.