Euan Crispin


Based in London

Euan is an international development researcher. He provides research support across Triple Line's cities and infrastructure portfolio.

With a passion for creating more just and sustainable communities, his experience to date spans international development, policy and research, with a particular interest in urban informality, participatory planning and climate change.

Prior to joining the Triple Line team, Euan worked for UN-Habitat in the Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific supporting a range of country-level and regional urban development programmes, including the Healthy Oceans and Clean Cities Initiative in the Philippines, Resilient Settlements for the Urban Poor, and National Urban Policy mainstreaming. He was also heavily involved in planning the response and recovery from COVID-9 in the region, producing a Socioeconomic Impact Assessment of COVID-19 in 14 Pacific Island Countries incorporating an urban systems framework and data from literature reviews, interviews with government officials, household surveys and geospatial analysis.    

Euan holds a BA in Geography from Lancaster University and an MA in Cities and Global Development from the University of Sheffield, where he conducted award-winning research into a new eco-city in Lagos, Nigeria and fieldwork in the informal markets and settlements of Durban, South Africa.

Country Experience

Nigeria, South Africa
Fiji, Japan, Kiribati, Philippines, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Thailand, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu
Lithuania, United Kingdom